Wrap your belly in stretch film and melt

Summer is coming. This means it’s time to wear a bikini and hit the beaches. So, how can you get rid of the fat you get in the winter and which accumulates especially in your belly area? If we say that you can weaken by wrapping the stretch film around your body in addition to doing sports …

Materials for this method:

Vitamin E oil
Sea salt or freshly ground coffee
Cocoa butter
Stretch film

Preparation :

First massage your stomach with vitamin E oil. Then, without exaggeration, gently squeeze your abdomen with cling film. Wait for 1-2 hours like this. Remove the cling film and take the sea salt and coffee beans and go into the shower. Wash your stomach by massaging it with sea salt and coffee like peeling.
Do not use moisturizer after you leave the bath. If you feel any sensitivity on your skin while trying this method, which is said to be particularly effective in the belly and leg area, do not continue.

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