Without even stopping sweets

Gülsüm Eral, 40, who is a cook in Çanakkale, got rid of her weight, which she had been uncomfortable for a long time, thanks to Nutrition and Diet Expert Begüm Kuran. Moreover, before the ban on her favorite meatballs. Gülsüm Eral, who said that she is fond of eastern cuisine because she is from Gaziantep, explained how she lost weight without any restrictions on food. The goal of Eral, who decreased from 82 kilos to 74 kilos in 1 month, is to lose 11 kilos and decrease to 63 kilos.

” I threw the drugs in the garbage ”

Stating that he used slimming pills before, Gülsüm Eral said. Saying that the drugs are of no use, he said, “I did not see any benefit from the drugs I used. Thanks to Begum, Nutrition and Diet Specialist, I threw away the sugar and blood pressure medicines that I used under the supervision of the physician. In addition, there was no ban on stuffed meatballs and dessert products that I love very much.”

26-year-old Begüm Kuran, who has been working as a Nutrition and Diet Expert for 3.5 years in the capital Ankara, consulted the MPs and bureaucrats despite her young age. The Quran, who has made a name for himself despite coming to Çanakkale a month ago, makes preliminary interviews free of charge.

Didn’t even stop eating dessert

Begüm Kuran, a Nutrition and Diet Expert, said, “ Mrs. Gülsüm is very fond of Antep cuisine. We have prepared a diet program for her according to the cuisine of that region. She loves to eat meatballs and desserts. We did not cut them. On days when she ate dessert, we took walks together. and we created a weekly menu. .

Speaking about the importance of gaining the habit of reading labels while shopping at the grocery stores, Begüm Kuran said, “ Gülsüm and her at the same time from the market. reading labels while shopping ( carbs , fat, protein ) we have a habit. I do not follow a diet especially with calories. Here I help my clients to lose weight easily without making them feel that they are on a diet .

Diet Specialist Begüm Kuran says that she does not recommend any drugs to her clients and if there are any weight loss drugs they use, throw them away. Adding to his words that he worked with physicians, the Quran noted that blood and various tests were performed at regular intervals.

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