What you shouldn’t forget when dealing with a breakup

It doesn’t matter whether it’s long or short, the things you do or forget to do after a breakup can hurt you.

Here are the top 9 things that are forgotten when dealing with a breakup:

1- Changing the sheets

Changing the sheets that almost all of you have forgotten is actually the most important thing! Now stop crying and change your bedding. We don’t want you to smell it and drown in hiccups again while getting ready for sleep in the evening. Remember, new sheets = new beginnings!

2- Avoiding social media accounts

As we know you will not comply with this clause, we are making a small correction: Delete it from social media! If you broke up with an agreement, you can write a polite message about why you shouldn’t follow on social media. But if you broke up as a result of a heated fight, wipe it off. You will try to deduce from every tweet, you will be jealous of the people next to you, especially when you have a relationship, you will be furious. It is best to save yourself from this stress.

3- Creating a breakup song list

Don’t let your day ruin your day by hearing your song that suddenly started to play on your way home by bus.

It’s time to put Adele aside and get energized with Beyonces and Taylor Swifts!

4- 30 days detox

Of course, go into a detox with green vegetable juice and cucumbers. you can build your body parting. But what we mean here is “Ex-Dear-Detox.” Do not follow social media, warn your friends not to open their topic, do not look at old pictures and try not to think as much as possible. The first few days may push your limits, but the easiest way to break a habit is to stay away for as long as possible.

5- To get the support of your friends

You will think about the memories you spent while staying at home, you will become depressed as you get depressed by the window. Explain the situation you are trying to overcome and tell your friends that you need their support. You can try new places and new flavors as you can with your friends! Cinema, breakfast, night outs with your friends, even a cup of coffee can fulfill your pleasure!

6- Trying a new style

To the new season shopping go out, try a new hair color or a new model on your nails! As long as you get a style that will make you feel new and fresh.

In the meantime, don’t think of writing lyrics or suggestive sentences under your photo. Because you are so cool that you can not openly proportion to anyone, remember!

8- Experience the regret of destroying memories

With the anger and sadness of separation, we want to act as if our old relationship never happened. However, years after he has destroyed all the memories left of him, we are sure that you will say “I wish I hadn’t deleted all those photos” . Instead of acting with a momentary nervousness, first get over the pain of separation. To take it back when the time comes, of course!

9- Doing sports

Go for a jog, take a shuttle, sign up to the gym, it doesn’t matter, as long as activities that will secrete endorphin hormone Realize that you can find it and be happy again. At the same time, you will burn the calories of the chocolate you eat in all those unhappy moments and attain a fit body. While you look great with your flat stomach and tight legs, leave the rest to think!


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