Ways to lose weight in the office

The problem of working millions; Staying motionless for hours in the office environment, being in a snack all day long, and growing belly that relieves overdose due to missed meals … Now everyone is looking for ways to lose weight by adjusting their diet other than exercising.

Here are the ways to lose weight in the office …

Get up

Get up and get your needs like tea or water at the office. This way, you will move a little during the day and burn 30 more calories.

Lunch breaks

When you are going to eat, keep yourself away from work and concentrate on what you eat. If you are aware of what you are eating, you will save yourself from snacking all day.

Use your left side

Keep snacks such as chocolate on your left. Because people tend to reach for things that are on their right side more quickly, experts say. It is best to keep healthy foods like fruit on your right.

Be green

Have green tea with you instead of tea / coffee. According to studies, those who fill their cups with green tea every day for three months lose one kilogram more than those who drink regular tea.

Avoid junk food

Remove sweets from your eyes so as not to torture yourself. According to the study, 71 percent of employees eat more candy-type junk food when they stand in a visible container. Lift it off and get rid of it.

Use your sense of smell

In a study of a group of overweight people, those who inhale sweet scents such as green apple, mint sugar, vanilla or banana when they get hungry will be about to It turned out that they lost 10 kilos. It is said that if you can’t stand air fresheners, having something scented green apple on your table will suppress hunger crises.

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