The reasons that end love

In couples who are connected to each other with great love, it can be seen that the love disappears after a certain period of time.

So what are the reasons that end love?

Thinking “It’s me anyway”

After months of dear, many couples make the mistake of approaching each other with the thought of “me anyway”. The carelessness and carelessness that comes with getting used to each other drags every relationship into banality, and this mediocrity continues until one of the parties says, “Our togetherness has no meaning.” Think of the relationship like a baby. Are you going to look at your baby for a few years and then throw it away saying “How is it growing on its own?

Take care of your love and be ready to put effort into it at every stage. Take care of each other, miss each other, talk, share your ideas and sit down and discuss problems before they grow and become unsolvable. In short, both of you make an effort, get tired, sweat.

Making sexuality a routine

It is normal for sex to become rare in long relationships. But whether it turns into a routine or not is up to you. Perhaps the basis of the problem is this; men fall in love to achieve sex, women have sex to achieve love.

This need can be used to stimulate sexual desire.

Be close to each other, but for “work” not only in bed but also outside of bed. Share your feelings, troubles and aspirations. Instead of fantasy alone in bed, develop fantasies together. Thus, your sex life can maintain its warmth for longer than “9.5 weeks”.

Not dividing work

You are angry, and very much … Since the man you love started to sit together, for some reason he assumes that you will do things like shopping, cooking, washing, tidying the house, moreover, you When your job is as difficult as hers … Well, what happened? What will happen, you have surrendered to social roles. The “right woman” and “right man” roles that we unconsciously assume through our parents and society, in a sense, work in our brain and emerge in our emotional relationships. You instinctively do all the work that falls on you, but they are actually the work of both of you.

Give him various tasks related to the house and make him really take on those tasks. Did he forget to stop by the market and come home? Do not get up and go to the market, let him go.

If necessary, you can go later and do it again. The important thing is that he feels he also has some responsibilities. Otherwise, every kindness you do will inevitably become your duty after a while, and this will start to cool you from your relationship.

Not getting rid of the shadow of your ex

Sometimes the shadow of a past relationship can fall on the happy love of today. . “Is my new girlfriend the right person? Or should I go back to the old one still struggling for me?” Such doubts start to poison a good relationship after a while. Most likely, the other hero of the new great love gets bored with this indecision, this goes back and forth, he loses his enthusiasm and ends the relationship. If you are the one who has doubts about his ex, our advice is; forget it! Because it is not washed twice in the same water. Give yourself and your new love a real chance.

Don’t make the mistake of comparing with the old one, instead discover the positive qualities of your new lover, it’s more exciting … In the meantime, if your ex is continuing to be a crush, meet him completely certain. So, he’s not ready to stay friends yet, and this can make your new boyfriend extremely uncomfortable.

Not accepting him as he is

Different interests, completely different expectations for the future, dreams and looking at each other often leads to separation.

For example, you are more cheerful and outgoing, and he is more calm and shy, this does not pose a problem. But if your outlook on life and the world, your expectations, tastes and plans do not match, your job is very difficult.

If you really want to maintain your relationship and believe that you can achieve a happy ending in love, then forget the idea of ​​changing your lover first. You have to accept him as he is right now, without trying to make another person in any way and without complaining about his behavior that goes against you, and he is you. .

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