The medicine that is good for the pain of love

A new study conducted at the University of California, one of the long-established educational institutions of the USA, revealed interesting data for women suffering from love pain. Accordingly, using painkillers containing ibuprofen helps women overcome love pain. But the same is not true for males.

Painkillers containing ibuprofen

Scientists working at the University of California in the USA have conducted a research. A According to the research, women who use painkillers containing ibuprofen have a shorter time to overcome their love pain.

Only Applies to women

In the studies conducted, it was found that the suffering rates of women using ibuprofen were higher than the others, and it was revealed that ibuprofen had no effect on alleviating the pain in men. It has been determined that the substances in ibuprofen also reduce the pain experienced by women in their social lives. However, it was noteworthy that these results were not seen in men.

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