Pregnant Book & Kindle Store : If Men Were Pregnant: Helpful Steps and Guidelines to Make your Pregnancy Journey Easier


This book has brief guidelines for dad’s that are interested in creating a more relaxed and entertaining pregnancy process for their spouse or pardner. Imagine if men were the ones who got pregnant! Strollers would be turbo charged and baby showers would be beer filled and revolve around sports. But seriously, the best way to understand what your pregnant partner is going through is to imagine you are in your partner’s shoes. Support your significant other by following the advice in this book and you will both benefit from a greater understanding of the process you are about to experience. Too often, the father to be is expected to be a rock for his partner without any help. Well, here is the help you are both looking for. DAD here’s what you’ll be learning: How to Improve your Listening and Communication skills. How to how prepare: Before and After The Baby’s Arrival. How to Prepare your Pet for the New Arrival. What to expect when the baby FINALLY Arrives. How to Date All Over Again: (Before and After the Baby).

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