Pay attention to your Valentine’s day plans

Valentine’s Day is approaching… Everywhere is already embellished with hearts, flowers and many themes about love. Whether they believe it or not, love it or not, most couples celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14 and try to make special plans for their partners. Special tips for Valentine’s Day, where some are planning to have fun at home and some outside, came from the trendy and extraordinary online dating site

Here are the situations that can put you in a difficult situation and you should avoid…

– You may be interested in astrology, but don’t use this curiosity everywhere. They were saying to your lover, “I have examined the interpretations of the horoscope. The 12 signs of the Zodiac are in my sign in the period of Mercury’s decline. Don’t make expensive purchases, so don’t make the situation even more funny and frustrating by saying things like” I just bought flowers for you, my life. ”

– Even if your lover says cliché words such as “there is no need for a gift, my darling is enough with me” or even “these special days are just to increase consumption”, prepare a surprise that will make him feel special. will want to know that it’s private.

– Of course, the gift you will receive on this special day should be a gift that your lover will feel special and find a little meaningful. Don’t even think of giving gifts with sub-messages such as a manicure set or a slimming package to your lover. do not pass.

– Almost any Kes will want to attract attention in the crowd, doing more than he normally takes on this special day. When you say I will attract attention, be careful not to shine so bright that you cannot be distinguished by the disco ball.

– Most women are late for appointments, especially on such a special day, it is best to give him 2 hours. give it early. It will only catch up in normal time.

– Do not forget to make a reservation at your destination. Even on a normal day, many places can no longer be visited without reservation, and it will not be an easy to forgive situation to miss this detail at such a special time. Don’t stay at the fireside in your neighborhood.

– There is no necessarily a man to arrange tonight. Women, get rid of stereotypical roles or even turn them around, you decide what to do.

– Normally, if you don’t have anything to do with romance, don’t try to do something like I’m going to be romantic on this special day. Otherwise, you might fall into ridiculous situations. Give him a real surprise. You can get rid of stereotypes with all kinds of gifts that can make you feel your freedom, such as a couple of tickets that you can spend the weekend together in another city, a place for two to the concert of your loved one’s favorite band.

– They wouldn’t even throw it normally so that it would fit the meaning and importance of the day. Those who plan to turn messages into serenade by saying that I should be creative; Please check once again if your voice is good. At least it should have a foldable consistency.

– Don’t keep your expectations too high. This could mean the plan you make or the gift you will be given. Look to live in the moment and try to think of it as a day when you celebrate being together, just like any other day.

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