Mother Collectibles & Fine Art: Mother earth holding the Ocean


This piece is a combination of two panels which are placed jointly together, can also be separated. Alice gravitated towards locations that combine a sense of wilderness with intense light and colour such as the coastal areas around Southern England and Norfolk. She has also found inspiration in the landscapes of Flanders and the South of France. Alice Is also drawn to the interaction between dramatic landscapes and the intense light of the South Pacific. She appreciates the remoteness of the land she was born in and its quality of uninterrupted and uninhabited space. Alice’s water-gilding process is more complex than oil gilding, building up many layers of sanded gesso and clay on wooden panels. This is followed by floating individual silver or gold leaves onto the clay surface using a specialist method dating back to Egyptian tomb paintings and reliefs from the 23rd century BC, some of the earliest evidence of gold being beaten into leaf. The gold or silver leaf surface is then hand burnished with an agate stone to enhance the quality of the metal as a light source. The symbolism of Alice’s works, often depicting small boats and buildings or icons such as Tibetan prayer flags within huge skies and deserted landscapes, touches us with the feeling that nature is not overwhelming but that we all coexist in wholeness, whatever the scale. Her personal vision of the inherent harmony of humanity’s relationship with nature despite its dilemmas, which has always fascinated her, is conveyed through her clear and incisive imagination.

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