How to deal with narcissistic people

Narcissists are extremely egocentric, selfish, if not, they are themselves. But this is more fear of the loss of admiration people feel for him than of his self-admiration. Its purpose is to impress you, to capture you and to keep you within the borders it draws. In fact, he has no self-esteem, he is very injured, his sense of worthlessness is very high, and therefore he is very afraid of losing, but how he acts officially as if you don’t care at all, as if you are not afraid. They do not struggle to solve the problems in your relationship and the situations they make you feel, because they do not give you clear suggestions.

Basically, there are defense mechanisms used to hide the hurt, worn, worthless structure inside. They think that they are a little different, special, superior and important person from everyone else. While they feel great when they are praised, they feel uncomfortable, hurt, and angry when criticized. They are unaware of the deep feeling of worthlessness, and they constantly try to prove how special and valuable they are to themselves and their environment in order not to get involved in this feeling.

(For example, they should do the best job, they should pursue the best jobs.)

He has respect for those above him, and that is why he is a matter of interest. Maybe it increases its status, as if it brings it to a better position. But it ignores the following from itself and acts as if there is no one. It seeks to use and exploit people, as if everyone was created to serve that person and thinks they have a right. I’m special, I don’t have to follow any rules. (I mean, I have the best car and I think that I can do speed and nobody can interfere with it.) If the rules contradict his own interests, he will oppose and manage according to himself.

How narcissist people take you

– First off your feet, it offers such things to you, because the narcissist knows your shortcomings and gaps, what you need, and observes you.

– Tries to do many things on your behalf as well.

For example, you can hold your bag, you can go to get water, but even it makes them.

– It surprises you, makes you surprises. You would think nobody could love me that much. (So ​​carry your bag, take what you want, etc.) You feel the luckiest and most special person in the world.

– You may suddenly get angry at something (why did you collect your hair like that, how did you do it etc.) Abnormal attractions. . It makes you think, ‘He’s a very nice person, but here’s an anger problem or I’m getting angry, I’m making mistakes’. So you start to act cautiously all the time, and when you start to be cautious, you actually make him so angry.

– You can never be right, never be emotionally close to him. Even if you think you are the most right, he is right. For example, he lied or even deceived you. Even in such a situation, he will not leave any words he did not tell you. He somehow tells you an excuse if you didn’t gain that much weight, if you didn’t do that then he’ll accuse you in style. (He cheated on you because of you, etc.) If he cannot, he will lose you and he will fear it

Even if he comes with flowers, he will never regret there, he is just the things he does to admire and confuse you again. You can never understand whether it is good or bad, you always remain uncertain.

What kind of women are with narcissists

– Your Your sense of inadequacy is too much,

– You have an excessive emotional deprivation scheme,

– You may feel flawed and inadequate,

– You are trying to do something to get approval and be liked.

If you are married to this type of person or you have to live then what will you do?

1. You will accept. The closeness, sensuality, apologies you dreamed of will never come to you. All you want to be understood is yes, but when you make an effort, he / she will immediately become aggressive because he feels guilty.


They constantly check you, so sometimes you think you are free, but it made you believe that you cannot do without it.

3. He lacks empathy skills, that is, he does not understand the feelings of the other party, he will not understand that he is suffering from love or wants to be loved, he will think that everything deserves the best of everything in this life and he will never give you these.

4. You have to stop talking about it, try to get it to understand and justify me, or you can’t convince him. It will never understand you. When you are sad, want to share, no unfortunately will not understand you. So what will you do; you will not tell. (For example, if you say I’m tired today, would you look at it, would you be interested? For example, even if they don’t say don’t go there, they don’t say don’t go to Merve and starts to infiltrate your mind by telling you that Merve is a bad person, so if she is jealous of you, it makes you doubt in her style

6. For example, a good woman tells you that you are not a wife or mother.

7. Its purpose is to make you lose control, so think into your hands.

For example, go to Merve, but be ready for this that will not make you feel sad by saying that you would take care of your children.

8. When everything you think you are happy is fine, for example, when you were at a meal, you brought it here. . Do not think that you will treat him compassionately and heal him with love. All he wants is admiration and strength.

10. He has nothing to do with love and affection. Moreover, so that you do not care about his insults and judgments, take compassion and direct your compassion to yourself.


His aim is to prove himself strong, he has no problem with you. They want to smash another person and rise above him, be noticed and shine.

Serhat Foreign

Family / Marriage / Relationship Consultant


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