Father compassion cures behavioral disorders in child

Behavioral disorders are the most common psychological problems affecting children. It is linked to a wide variety of problems encountered in adolescence and adult life, including failure, delinquency, peer rejection, poor psychiatric and physical health. Behavioral problems often have their roots in preschool years, and thus in infancy. A recent study at Oxford University found that children whose fathers had more positive relationships at three months of age had fewer behavioral problems in the future.

The child’s behavior depends on his interaction with his father

Specialist Clinic Psychologist and Hypnosis Specialist Mehmet Başkak stated the following about the study conducted with 192 families in England and investigating whether the father-child interaction affects the child’s behavior after preterm birth: Studies show that the interaction with the father during childhood is related to the child’s behavior. In the study, the effect of father-infant interaction experienced in the family home when the child was three months old and the behavior of the child when he was 12 months old was evaluated. It was found that children who had more interactions with the father subsequently experienced less behavioral problems and had better returns.

Children far from the father have greater behavioral problems


Başak; “Children whose fathers are more distant or who interact less have bigger behavioral problems and get lost in their own thoughts. This connection tends to be stronger in boys than girls. We can say that prospective boys are more susceptible to the influence of their fathers’ early behavior. As every parent knows, raising children is not an easy task, and as a growing body of evidence shows, early intervention can help families have a positive impact on the baby’s development. ”


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