Don’t let internet addiction isolate you from life

In daily life, it is not possible for people of all ages to stay away from constantly changing information and entertainment resources such as the internet, smartphones, tablets and computers. If you have started to receive frequent warnings at home or at work, if your hand is still going to social media pages despite having other jobs, if your work never ends and always hangs to the next day, this may be a sign of “internet addiction.” Assoc. Levent Sütçigil gave information about internet addiction and precautions to be taken.

The feeling of deprivation can cause irritability and deterioration in social relationships

The computer makes work easier and increases productivity. Technology, which is indispensable in our lives, has included many problems in our lives besides its benefits such as obtaining and sharing information. Internet addiction, or technology addiction, is used for situations where the computer starts to harm the person, his environment and relationships. is a term.

Although there is no official definition, experts have compared computer addiction to drug addiction.

When computer addicts are unable to access the Internet for a long time, they may behave like “deprivation”, anxiety, nervousness, restlessness, and not knowing what to do. They often deny that they have been busy with the computer for a long time.

Although it gives a temporary feeling of relief, its permanent consequences may be negative

Many people go online with the desire to forget their daily troubles, reduce their loneliness, suppress their anxiety and depressive feelings. When surfing the internet, attention is drawn to another area, so distressing thoughts decrease and a relaxation is felt, however, after a while other activities used for relaxation are forgotten. In addition, the internet is used more and more to avoid the accumulated problems.

Anxious and depressed people are more at risk of developing

Some people are at higher risk for internet addiction.

People with depressive complaints are also among the group that will easily become internet addicts. Although the troubled thoughts of depression are delayed for a while, the social isolation, loneliness and problems created by the internet will increase the severity of depression even more. Internet addiction can also easily develop in people who are obsessed with drugs, alcohol, gambling and sexuality.

The symptoms of Internet addiction can be listed as follows:

– Staying on the internet longer than thought.
– Things regularly delay late or the next day. Practical passing of food.
– Not accepting internet use for a long time despite the complaints of relatives.
– The duration of online conversations prevents real conversations.
– Hugging on the mobile phone in a little distress and loneliness.
– Not being able to set a time limit.
– First of all, sleep disorders such as going to bed late and not getting up in the morning, sexual problems, dry eyes, significant weight increase, the onset of hand, wrist and neck back pain.

Suggestions for preventing Internet addiction:

– The reason that led the person to the internet should be determined.
– After completing certain tasks, a As a reward, the computer can be used for a limited time.
– The computer or mobile phone should be left at the same time every evening.
– Loneliness and to relieve boredom, other activities such as reading books should be preferred instead of spending time on the internet.
– Since communication with the computer will always lack emotion, organizations outside the home should be made with friends and family members. > – What has been missed while in front of the computer should be considered.

These can be revived.
– It should not be forgotten that time is very precious and how fast it passes.
– Since psychiatric disorders can cause this type of addiction, help should be obtained from a psychiatrist for concomitant diseases. . .

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