Do not forget your child when divorcing

Divorce is as natural as marriage. However, the process is not as exciting as the marriage process. Considering that the general problem in divorces is severe conflict, waiting for couples to understand each other in this process will be no different than waiting for a ferry at the station.

However, if there is a child, the situation should be different. Because the child who is said to be small, does not understand, actually understands everything. The child, who is more emotionally open to all kinds of reactions from the environment, is aware of everything. In this process, his psychology will be disrupted.

How should the divorce process be explained to the child

Couples should think about their children first and make their decisions by keeping them as the focus, regardless of the problems that may cause the separation. They should decide how to explain this situation without blaming each other and making the child feel guilty, with the identity of their parents. The child is vulnerable. For this reason, the first thing that will come to mind in this situation is that he is guilty. He is naive enough to even think that his parents punished him for misbehaving.

He should also be prepared for any question he might ask.

Remember, you you are still your parents

Although you are divorcing, remember that you are separating as a man and a woman. Apart from that, you have a child and you are equally responsible for all his material and spiritual problems. You should be aware of this.

What should you pay attention to in this process

Of course, there are issues that women are right in their own right in men. If you had already solved these problems, you would not have entered this process. First, accept this. Since you have decided that you have nothing left to share and you are leaving, then you have to do it properly. Do not hide this situation from your child. This will only make him blame you. In front of your child, never talk bad about his father as a mother and about his mother as a father. Go with your plans in front of him.

You don’t need to change the way you raise your child just because you are leaving. After you are determined and loving in front of him, he will overcome this in time and will continue to keep you in his heart.

What does your child actually think

Of course, the news you give is not the kind of goodbye. You are also aware of this. You must accept that your child will experience intense emotions. Because he’s just a kid and whoever comes near you will miss the other. Never involve him in your discussions. Until he accepts the process, he can get into a combative and combative nature or, on the contrary, withdraws in an instant. Don’t leave him alone. Cuddle and talk to him constantly. If you think you cannot control the situation, be sure to get psychological support.

You are divorced now what will you do

Your child’s most basic need is undoubtedly to feel your love. Do not fall into your own troubles and neglect their needs.

Remember, the healthier you are, the more your child will be your reflection.

Be careful not to change your child’s layout. Every habit you can think of should stay the same as much as possible, including school, diet, sleep time.

Make you feel that you understand it by listening to it and by telling you about it. Don’t be afraid to upset you and let them hide their true feelings. Make you feel you care and really care. It’s a child, do not feel like you will forget it when you grow up. Because he never forgets. You too become the architect of the deep wounds in his heart.

Try not to forget that no matter how painful the process you are going through, everything is temporary and all that remains is love. It can be difficult while living. But try it and smile. Kneaded in anger, no one can survive. Look in front of you. Good luck ..

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