City life affects women more

Those who are overwhelmed by the intensity of work and the difficulties of city life are rebelling by saying “I will quit my job and settle in a coastal town.”

Almost everyone who has lived in big cities for the last few years has put everything in the mind of settling in a coastal town, and this idea is the unbearable fatigue of life in big cities. Psk. Necmiye Doğruer stated that urban life causes people to live in an extremely manic state. Psk. Necmiye Doğruer, who stated that women who want to live more quiet and quiet by nature are more affected by this intense cycle; Wear yourself more than men by trying to keep many things together tears ”.

In the life cycle, much more burden is put, as it can often be carried to the body and soul. The person moves too much, just in a hurry to catch up, without thinking about whether it is suitable for him or not. Psk tells her that while the city life is hard enough, the identities she has made this difficult life more weary. Doğruer; Especially women want to escape from the city and start a more peaceful life in coastal towns.

Even his imagination sounds good

Especially in women; deep unhappiness, depression, physical Stressing that the body is alarming with a disease, Psk Doğruer; “When the person starts to listen to himself a little, he gives the message that the body should slow down in life. Many people listen to the warnings and take a radical decision, or at least begin to set up their plan. Even if the idea of ​​a new life does not come true immediately, even the dream of dreaming is observed to cause minor changes in many women. ”.

The vitality of nature feeds the soul

Urban women trying to achieve the best in every subject they have to look well-groomed, modern and aesthetic in their lives. In this case, it can be seen from the reactions of their soul and body that they often have a psychological breakdown. Stating that women seek the vitality, smell and comfort of nature’s colors in their lives, Psk. Doğruer said, “Women create small balconies for themselves in order to escape from the unceasing hustle and bustle of the city.” / strong> concluded with his statement.

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