Being hungry doesn’t burn fat

Expert Dietician Nilay Keçeci, who said that the belief that long-term hunger burns fat is a big mistake, gave information on the subject.

Insulin, the hormone that balances blood sugar in metabolism, it acts together and is secreted at certain rates. After prolonged fasting, the secretion of our insulin hormone changes and problems begin to occur in our metabolism. These problems can lead us to type II diabetes, which occurs as a result of insulin insufficiency, which will occur by providing resistance to chronic diseases that may occur later, and most importantly, with the increase of fat around our belly. Eating little by little and often is the most important factor in balancing this hormone and is very important. Taking snacks in certain proportions of the nutrients we take in main meals will ensure that we do not burden the next meal too much, because it will keep us full and will help us lose weight regionally.

Exercise is essential for regional slimming

Expressing that the most effective method of losing weight is not to skip exercise and snacks, Expert Dietician Nilay Keçeci “If a person does not take snacks, he develops a diet consisting of only 3 main meals, he will not fit the definition of adequate and balanced nutrition.

In addition, our snack that we do not take at night will cause us to go hungry in the morning. In this case, we will see the reflection of this in our other main meals by consuming more meals at breakfast. For this reason, all of our snacks are very important. Long starvation will not use our fat, but the first burned carbohydrate from the body for energy. The brain is only fed on glucose. (It does not have to be refined sugar. It can also be obtained from cereals and fruits. We do not need tea sugar.) Therefore, the carbohydrate we take is very important.

Distraction during the day, confusion, behavioral changes always It can be employed for these reasons. Fat volumes will be reduced with the correct weight loss method; this is only possible with a balanced diet menu. Oxidation wastes that will occur by burning fat must be removed from the body with water. For this reason, the right weight loss is only possible with your diet list + exercise + water drinking “.

Pay attention to these

The first step to adapt to the diet list is behavioral changes. Master Dietician Nilay Keçeci listed these changes as follows:

– Reducing our portions,

– Knowing the changes well,

– Sports making it a part of our life,

– Starting the day with a glass of water and consuming close to 10 glasses of water during the day,

– If we do not have any chronic illnesses Adding green tea to snacks (up to 2 cups a day) for both relaxation and fat burning,

– Knowing that not everything we hear or read for the diet is true,

– Not to ignore the health problems that eating only olive oil and salad meals will cause us in the future due to a uniform diet.

Sleep patterns are very important. li

Our sleep patterns are very important. The ghrelin hormone that makes food attractive to us is the hormone leptin that makes us stay away from those foods, and the level of these hormones changes in our sleep pattern.

Exercise should not only consist of walking and jogging for us, we should support our situation with balanced movements we will do in front of the computer or television during the day.

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