6 things you need to do to control your anger

Saying “Anger is not as bad as thought” , Expert Psychologist Gamze Eser said “Anger is an important sign” . Our anger is a marker that shows us that we are neglecting something important in our life, that we are being wronged or sacrificing too much. In fact, anger functions as a way to protect our self-integrity. It is a natural and temporary emotion that every person experiences. The important thing is that your anger and anger do not turn into aggressive behavior and resentment. Anger control is the ability of the individual to express this emotion correctly without harming the environment.

Well, is it easy to achieve this control?

Inadequacy, helplessness, jealousy, fear, anxiety, loneliness and not being understood are emotions that generate anger. When you can share, understand and satisfy these emotions, which are the source of anger, their transmission will be more positive.

Whenever anger gets out of control, then problems arise. So, what can we do to direct and control our anger?

Here are 6 things you need to do to control your anger:

– We can express anger in a healthy way. First of all, we need to gain some awareness.

– It will be beneficial to review with which thought the anger increases or decreases.

– “Never, which causes an increase in negativity. Keep phrases like “always” away from your mind.

– Try to get away from your environment and calm down for a while. Don’t let your anger get out of control.

– Do breathing exercises and imagine calming situations.

– Suggest yourself to “relax”.

There will always be events that will cause you anger. and it will help you express it correctly.

What you need to do against an angry person

On the other hand, what can you do if you encounter an angry person in your environment?

In this case, try to determine your own mood first. If you are angry at that moment, it will benefit the face you will set. A quick self-assessment should be done.

It is necessary to recognize the early warning signs.

Most anger events can be avoided if those around the angry person notice minor changes in their behavior. Quiet people can become agitated, while extroverts become silent and turn inward. Paying attention to these small changes and simply interpreting the change can help to have individual conversations about things that might make the person angry. Prevention is a long road. However, there will be situations where you do not pay attention to the early warning signs or you encounter the person who is already in anger for the first time. Also, you may have done everything right in the prevention phase, and angry people can still choose anger as their best thing to do to get what they want. Being calm, patient and taking a deep breath will prevent us from doing regretful actions.

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