6 effective ways to relieve love pain

Every separation feels like a destruction. One thinks that he cannot cope with this pain and that he cannot overcome his unhappiness. To love someone else? At that moment, you would hate your friend who spoke about it. However, as one can get used to every situation in life, he also gets used to the situation of separation and over time his pain becomes less. It passes for a while and you see, those days of suffering pass before your eyes like a momentary film strip. Closing home and crying for days remains a small memory …

Be busy with different things

Leaving a person you really love and share a lot with, with him it means that the life you set up together is also interrupted. The social activities you do together, the common friendships … all of this suddenly fades away. At this point, you are right to be upset but since it continues somehow, it is necessary to refresh and get rid of the pain, isn’t it?

Get in touch with your friends more

In this period, you should try to relax and socialize and meet with your friends more. In times of suffering, the best medicine is friends. However, never let these friends question your separation. Because you have to promise and implement that you will focus on the next period of your life. Flashbacks and wishes will only wear you out.

Destroy everything that reminds you of Him

Get rid of objects that remind you of Him. Clothes, accessories, glasses, gifts, notes, etc. You can give it to someone or throw it away provided you make sure you will never see it again.


The only reason you can talk to the person you broke up with should be if there is a child. Do not have dialogues that would otherwise allow him to engage in unnecessary emotional conversations, give you regret, or annoy you.

Get new hobbies

The way to get rid of sad thoughts is possible only by engaging in fun activities. For example, enroll in a dance school, a language or hobby course, or a gym. The more you color your life and the more you keep your mind busy with new information, the sooner you will get rid of your troubles. It also saves you from finding solace by giving yourself to eat and drink.

Make new friends

In the early days of the breakup, you wouldn’t even think that you could love someone else or “I wonder if it could be one day?” When a question like this crosses your mind, you want to get angry with yourself and convince yourself how impossible this is. Especially if it is a long-term relationship or a marriage, you continue to be stressed with the belief that you will not find someone as good as him …

Whereas, you should keep yourself open to meeting new people. What could be better than sailing a new love in this life? Meeting eyes with someone again, feeling excited when you touch again, hearing new stories… Remember, none of this is impossible!

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