5 rules of permanent weight loss

Aesthetic Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Serdar Bora Bayraktaro─člu stated that these 5 indispensable items are essential for healthy and permanent slimming, strong and aesthetic body structure, “Unfortunately, classical fitness training is not very sufficient in terms of exercising and deeply strengthening all muscle groups. With EMS technology, the use of which is rapidly becoming widespread in the USA, we can work 36000 muscle fibers in our body at the same time. Bayraktaro─člu, stressing that healthy and strong muscle structure on the basis of permanent weight loss, then joined the EMS technology from developed countries such as the five golden rules that America and Europe hailed the technology that came to Turkey. However, when using EMS technology, it is necessary to pay attention to training in hygienic environments with medical approved devices and certified personal trainers.

The 5 prominent rules are as follows:

– To deeply strengthen the muscle structure

– To accelerate the fat burning around muscle tissue with strong muscle tissue

– To increase muscle fibers

– To accelerate metabolism

– To accelerate blood circulation

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