45 oz Hydration Water Bottle With a Straw and Daily Water Tracker – Time Marked to Ensure You Drink 90 Ounces of Water a Day. 90 Ounces is recommended for Pregnant and Nursing Women.

Price: $24.99
(as of Jun 28,2018 14:54:28 UTC – Details)


Water BottleVISUAL REMINDER – Seeing This All Day is a Constant Reminder to Stay on Track With Your Hydration. Only refill it once midday to assure you drink the full recommended 90 ounces of water.
IMPORTANCE OF HYDRATION – Fluids Help Prevent Common Pregnancy Problems Such as Constipation, Hemorrhoids, and Bladder Infections. (Drinking Water Dilutes Your Urine, Which Reduces Your Risk of Infection.)
HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS – Non-Toxic and BPA Free Plastic. Our bottles are US imported.
LAST TRIMESTER – It’s Especially Important to Stay Hydrated in The Last Trimester, When Dehydration Can Cause Contractions That Can Trigger Preterm Labor.
GREAT FOR ANYONE – Everyone Can Benefit from Drinking More Water and This Bottle Will Help You do That.

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