10 tips for preventing autumn depression

We say goodbye to sunny and hot days slowly. Gray and cold weather can negatively affect psychology as well as metabolism if not paid attention. Especially nowadays, getting out of bed gets harder in the mornings, fatigue complaints increase, the person feels less energetic and the need for sleep may increase. Uz. From Memorial Şişli Hospital, Department of Psychology. Psk. Didem Üngör gave information about the changes that should be done in daily life to avoid seasonal depression.

The decrease in daylight affects psychology

Seasonal changes affect mental health as well as physical health. Some emotional, mental, behavioral and physical symptoms increase during this period. This picture, called “seasonal depression”, begins to manifest itself in September and October and generally continues until the end of the winter months.

Take precaution against severe seasonal depression

Seasonal depression shows symptoms similar to other types of depression.

While all of these symptoms can be seen, only some of them can be seen.

Seasonal depression symptoms can be mild, moderate and severe. While mild symptoms do not affect and disrupt the daily life of the person, severe symptoms hinder the daily functions of the person.

Not all symptoms may be seasonal depression

A detailed clinical evaluation is required for the diagnosis of seasonal depression. After the psychological evaluation, physical examination and laboratory tests, a general result table can be drawn for the patient. In order to be diagnosed with seasonal depression, these symptoms should appear at the same time of the year for at least 2 years in a row, and there should be no other reason to explain the changes in both mood and behavior. Symptoms and complaints caused by the presence of various stress factors and other physical disorders in the environment may suggest other diagnoses rather than seasonal depression.

10 suggestions to prevent seasonal depression

– Creating a quality life and living predictably It protects the person from seasonal depression.

Getting up early in the morning will help you with this.

– Increase your outdoor activities. Jogging, jogging and outdoor exercise are beneficial.

– Pay attention to your sleep patterns. Do not go to bed too late and get up early in the mornings.

– Eat a regular, natural and healthy diet. Take care not to skip your main and snack meals.

– Pay attention to your water consumption and increase the water.

– Determine a time period for yourself during the day. Try to do what you enjoy.

– Nurture yourself spiritually.

– Spend time on your relationships and friends. You can also strengthen our communication by making programs together.

– Make new plans and set goals. Short-term goals will increase your motivation as they will be more easily accessible.

– Include your memories in your working environment and at home. Vacation photos and small details will remind you of your joyful moments.


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